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The emroon Archive

A collection of digital editions, version 3.7.10 (11 May 2023)

The Website

In its present state, the edition allows for a three-level representation of the text (facsimile, diplomatic, and normalized), which can be navigated by choosing individual chapters. All three levels of textual representation are generated from the same basic transcription (which is on a combined facsimile/diplomatic level) annotated with references to a full form lexicon that is embedded in this website's script (see below for details).

The menu for 'Search' allows for search operations on four levels as well as by lemma and morphological categories. 'KWIC' essentially does the same, but shows the results within a five-word context. The 'Graphematics' menu allows search for individual graphematic correlations as well as for individual graphic symbols within a given manuscript.

Much of the JavaScript code behind this website, as well as the CSS used to display it, are influenced and inspired by Alex Speed Kjeldsen's work on Old Icelandic and Old Danish diplomas, and were initially conceived and programmed during the seminar "Digital Diplomatics" at the University of Copenhagen in the fall semester 2015.

The Data

This is the first attempt at editing and annotating a larger Old Norse text by using emroon (an Etymologically and Morphologically defined Referential Orthography for Old Norse).


If you want to follow the development of emroon, if you have questions, comments, or suggestions, or if you find that something is encoded incorrectly, please contact the editor: and join the CaULDRON Discord server.


This website, its contents, and the connected scripts may be used and copied according to the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 4.0 license.

Software recommendations

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